Gas Processing

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Gas Processing

  • Glycol Dehydration packages

Glycol dehydration involve the absorption of water from natural gas by glycol at high pressure and low temperature and reconcentration of glycol at low pressure and high temperature. Equipment selection and design depend on applications that can range from small wellhead units e.g., 5 Mscfd, to gas transmission plants, e.g., up to 2 Bscfd. DOC Energy has the unique experience to design and deliver standard equipment often used for small gas volumes and customized large dehydration units where economics requires high performance.

  • Amine Sweetening packages

DOC Energy offers customized Amine Units to meet customer’s specifications. Acid gas such as H2S and C02 must be removed from natural gas to prevent freezing in cryogenic plants, meet regulations for gas sold to the public, prevent corrosion, and toxicity of the gas for high concentration of H2S. DOC energy reviews customers gas composition and specifications to design a system that is cost effective and reliable.

  • Dew Point Control packages

DOC Energy designs, fabricates and supply Dew Point Control Units customized to meet customer specifications. The dew point of a gas is the minimum temperature at which heavy hydrocarbon components begin to condense out of the gaseous phase. Dew Point Control Units reduces the liquid content of a gas through 1) low temperature separation (JT valve) 2) Refrigeration 3) Silica gel adsorption. The method selected for dew point control depends on the gas specification. DOC Energy systems are designed to meet the following:

  • Discharge gas dew point specification
  • Reduce inhibitor losses for JT systems
  • Minimum power consumption
  • Water dew point specification
  • Safe and highly reliable equipment
  • Environmentally friendly units